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Nicohit was established early-mid-year of 2010, by a collection of industry experts with a combined base of expertise, which has been developed and fine-tuned over a 6 year period.

We have worked in all areas of the industry; whether it be in retail or B2B (Wholesale) which has enabled us definitely to cater for absolutely every need and expectation from any customer that we approach, or customer that approaches us.

We currently develop an array of unique products, ranging from all types of PG/VG ratios, flavours and OEM White Label services. This is giving us a very firm grip of a broad custom base and is quickly leading us to cement a concrete foundation within the market.

Our aim is simply to offer the highest quality UK e-liquids, at extremely competitive prices, ensuring repeat custom for all of our clients without any hassle. We DO NOT add anything in our e-liquids that do not need to be there (such as flavour enhancers).

All of our UK produced e-liquids are produced within our unit, by a team of highly trained technicians; which in turn gives us full control over product quality, thus providing only the best of the best. We currently have a white room/laboratory where all products are produced, and have only the most up-to date machinery which allows for a very quick turn-around with our B2B cliental.

The liquids we manufacture ALL undergo an MSDS report, which illustrates clearly what is in our e-liquids, reiterating to our customers and theirs, not only quality, but peace of mind – This allows us to keep “ahead of the game” and also enables us to keep on-top of all potential/definitive regulations set to hit the market by next year.


We offer a wide range of flavours that we have developed, which are appealing to a large range of users. These flavours can be provided in 10ml bottles. 

Propylene glycol, Glycerine and Nicotine concentrations can be modified to your exact requirements, because as we all know, in different areas of the UK, products differ on a subsequent scale. Not only this, but we have an internal design team that can help completely tailor a product (OEM based) to YOUR requirements. Our flavour development team can create almost any flavour that YOU may require, and will fine-tune products as much as is needed, to completely adhere to your own product requirements. If there are any ‘’quirky’’ flavours you would like to try and sample, please .

All the ranges of bottles we use are of food grade and/or pharmaceutical approved materials. The bottle caps/pipettes are childproof and/or tamper evident and the bottle labelling is analytical and includes tactile warnings (where plausible). This renders the bottling as CHIP and CLP compliant under EC No 1272/2008 regulations. We are closely following the updates on the EU directive regarding e-liquids and we are implementing all the required standards in order to ensure the longevity of our products. Not only that but we also keep our clients up-to date with all potential changes to the industry, which ensures stability for them.


We are dedicated to only using and outsourcing the finest of UK manufactured ingredients within the industry. We go to great lengths to ensure the best quality ingredients possible, thus ensuring the best of UK produced e-liquids. We do not take any short-cut, or simply go for the cheapest solution.

Our Raw materials and Diluents are of the highest quality and are from both reputable and sustainable source and origin. These related carriers and diluents are both USP & EP grade while our Flavours are listed FEMA GRAS towards ensuring both integrity and purity.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol – also known as Propane – 1, 2 diol or 1,2 Propane diol is an almost odourless organic compound used for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications.

Vegetable Glycerine

Glycerine (or glycerol, glycerine) is a simple polyol compound. It is an odourless and viscous liquid.

Glycerine is used in food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and medical applications.

USP EP Glycerine is a common sweetener and preservative in the food and beverage industry. It is used as an ingredient in wine and beers, and is used in the preparation of sodas, tea and coffee extracts. Because of its unique properties it is a very common solvent for flavours and is used in the emulsifiers that go into margarine and shortenings. The substance is sweeter than sugar so it is also popular in the confectionery and bakery markets.

Glycerine USP EP is regulated as an additive by the Food Standards Agency under the E-number E 422.

E-liquid Flavourings

Drawing from a database of International research we are able to offer our clients a diverse and expansive range of Flavours in both Natural Identical form. From the exotic to the original, all of our flavourings are designed and developed by a very renowned company that has been in operations for over 10 years, to produce the most suitable, consistent and effective sensory delivery systems possible.

The flavours we use in our e-liquid solutions are all fully accredited, and are instilled in a Propylene Glycol solution, which ensures a better blend for flavour.

The extensive expertise of our flavour provider enables us to within often-strict criteria without compromising product integrity or quality, and apply direct and unique twists on our flavours.


The Nicotine that we use, in bound within a PG base, and is 99.9% pure. It is of course (as with all products and raw ingredients) fully certified. The Nicotine is USP/EP Grade.

Using the best quality of ingredients available enables us to irrevocably create and produce the finest quality e-liquid within the market. The Nicotine we use complies with the ICHQ7 (International Conference on Harmonisation).

E-Liquid Production

Nicohit has a state of the art Clean Room/Laboratory, which is situated within our unit, on an industrial complex in Salford. It has full extraction ventilation, with a pass-through/anti-contaminant magnetic door. Our filling machines are manufactured from 304 pharmaceutical stainless steel and our label applicator is of the highest standard, offering a potential 80 units per minute.

Anything that is delivered/shipped in is closely inspected by our team, ensuring quality over any compromise. We are ISO 9001:2008 Certificated, which again reiterates a definitive sense of quality in regards to the production element, labelling element, and distribution element within the Vaping industry.

Quality Control

All raw materials we use undergo chemical testing and are analysed to ensure they confirm with USP and EP standards. We also implement a high standard quality assurance system.


Nicohit LTD not only provide a broad range of our own products, but we also offer a completely tailored selection of products, unique and bespoke to a specific client. We currently supply 80% of our custom base with a white label/OEM service, with the help of course of our internal design team.

For B2B confidentiality, unfortunately we cannot illustrate any examples, but we would be more than happy to provide example work for YOUR Company, and design a range around a theme or idea that YOU have for potential future products.

As mentioned in other sections, we can also completely tailor the PG/VG, nicotine, and flavouring amount within the e-liquids, to produce a unique, one off flavour, that is completely bespoke to yourself/your company. Everything is created, printed and produced internally so turn-around time is yet again improved.

Raw Ingredients

At Nicohit, we can and will do everything we can to help prospective or existing clients, whether it is creating a brand, product, or simply offering raw ingredients at competitive prices.

We of course offer USP/EP MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), An extensive array of Flavourings (PG Based) and Nicotine (PG BASED/ Upto 7.2%/72mg/ml).

Whether you want us to create a product, brand, or produce your own, Our Vapes is the one stop calling point to fulfil your needs and requirements.


We currently provide 10ml E-liquid Bottles. 10mls are available in either PETG (Higher more robust alternate to PET) Plastic. All bottles have Child/Tamper Evident Caps, and are all manufactured to be extremely robust.


As we have an internal design team, coupled with the best available printing equipment within the market, we can also offer a ‘Print Only’ Service. If you are already getting your e-liquids produced and are outsourcing labels from a third party company, but aren’t happy with the prices, then pop us an email, listing the company you currently use, and prices you are paying per unit. We will ensure and strive to beat most printing companies within the UK.


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